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I'm in the process of building a couple of HTPCs (one for music and one for DVD). Having read most of the posts on this and other forums, I'm prepared to try using the HTPC as a pre-amp.

As matters presently stand I have a Roksan Kandy amp which sounds pretty good to my non audiophile ears. However, that said, I am quite keen to genuinely improve the overall sound quality of the system. As my music server is going to contain an RME 96/8 soundcard can anyone suggest a power amp which will improve upon the amplification that the Kandy presently provides? In particular I have been offered a s/h Roksan Caspian power amp for £320. Does anyone feel that this would represent a genuine upgrade?

Maximum budget is £4-500 for something second hand.

PS Have there been really significant advances in the underlying technology behind power amps to the extent that I should automatically exclude quality power amps which are more than say 3 years old?

Thanks in advance


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I would suggest that you buy second hand hifi power amps, I've bought good Quad and Naim power amps in the past - 3 - 5 years old they are available pretty cheap and they are built to last for ever - I have had to replace some caps in a quad power amp, but then it was 30 years old!

Try ebay or a good hifi shop may well let you try them on sale or return - you could try russ andrews if you are near Edinburgh..


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I use a RME 9632 into a Roksan Caspian power amp for my music setup. I use Xlobby with winamp and APE files and it sound pretty good to me. The power amp has a auto switch off, so when not using Xlobby for music the amp powers down automatically.

I currently changing my system to a server based system which will be on 24/7. The auto shut down of the amp will a great extra towards automation.

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