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Hi. I currently have a Toshiba sd210e which I find awesome. The only complaint I have would be that when playing cds it seems to miss the beginning of the songs on a lot of albums. This is not a major problem as I have a Rotel system for music, but it is puzzling. Is this normal? Anyway,I'm looking to upgrade to a better player and need some advice. I like the idea of picking up an old model that a lot of stores are selling at big discount eg: the Sony dvpns700 is going for £190 at a lot of stores. The main model that has caught my eye is the Marantz dv4100 ose. Can anyone advise me? :confused:


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Originally posted by rossy
Can anyone advise me? :confused:

Personally, keep the cash, don't bother, enjoy a more substantial upgrade in the future.
Does the 210 miss the beginnings of CD tracks when connected by analogue outputs or just through a digital connection ? Might be your amplifier locking onto the signal ?


Thanks for the advice, I think I'll take it!! I think it was just the usual "itchy-feet, I must upgrade" syndrome! I have the dvd player connected via the digital lead, I never thought to try it with the analogue. I will try this and let you know how I get on.
Thanks again.
Rossy :D

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