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    Hello all,

    I have an old Panasonic A110, its broken.

    My question is which player to go for. I do not have a NTSC compatable TV at the moment but plan on upgrading before xmas. I would also like to add a amp + speakers next year, currently I am on a two speaker system through my hi fi. My hi fi is Sony and so is the TV.

    Which player do I go for.

    I originally planned on a 717 but I have been put off by a few people saying it is old, and I should go for a newer player. I narrowed it down to a Pioneer 636 or a Sony 536. Obviously the pioneer has PAL60 conversion so this would come in handy. My only problem is when reading about the older pioneers they have a very high jitter rating 8ns, well it seems high, and I dont know if this one suffers the same problems.

    To throw a final spanner in the works whould I just go for a 735 at only £50 more than the 536 is that a better buy.

    Any ideas or suggestions greatfully received.



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