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    Ive just got hold of my new Samsung 50inch DLP tv & although im very impressed its now (and not to my supprise) shown up the limitations of my Pioneer DV-370 dvd player. It does has the "old" progressive scan, but doesnt obviously upscale, etc.

    Question - if i bought a Samsung HD950, would i see a big difference? The one thing i really notice at the moment is artifacts on motion. If the answer is no, then would the Denon 1920 (which i cant afford yet) be a better choice? Im a litle reluctant to go for the Denon, purely on the basis that i know blu-ray is coming (i dont want to be buying another expensive dvd player this time next year if i can help it!!)

    Also, (and im asking with reference to picture quality - i dont want dvd-a or sacd, or divx) is the Samsung better than the Tosh SD350?

    Thx, Guys

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