What player for my requirements?


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Hi all,

I'm hoping I can get some advice regarding what media player would suit my needs please:

- Direct HDMI connection to TV
- Built in storage (1TB+)
- Wifi not Ethernet (don't want to use home-plugs etc)
- Ability to copy photos & video files over Wifi from any PC to the device
- Nice quick & easy to use interface

I bought a WD TV live for my in laws and it seems a good box, but no built in storage, I see they did a 1TB hub model but I don't think it had Wifi. I could maybe use a Wifi NAS HDD plus a Wd TV live but I was wondering if they was a more modern equivalent, or something that just does it all in the one box to save too many wires/power sockets etc.

Ease of use is key, i.e quick to boot/access media. I have alot of photos and it would be great to be able to show them via my TV quickly and easily.

Thanks all!


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Nvidia Shield or the Pro version with 500GB internal drive if you can live with that (cant replace internal drive) but you can attach USB hard drives too and feed all the media into Plex for a unified GUI, Plex server and client both run on the Shield no separate server required.

You can also use USB hard drives with Android's own internal file system so they are formatted and become part of the internal storage pool for everything, if you've used any modern Android phone that uses the same feature but with SD cards.
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