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What Plasma for HTPC?


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Hi all,

Basically we are looking for a Plasma to replace our trusty 28" Panasonic 100hz CRT in the next few months.

Over the past two years, we found that my TV is used as a TV-out of my main PC most of time. Obviously we still watch TV, DVD, etc, but not nearly as much as things from the PC. And also, I am in the process of building an HTPC, so I think getting a Plasma that is good at this might help!

I was looking at the Pioneer 436XDE (well, who isn't!) which is a very nice screen and also very sexy. Price is a bit high though. However, after reading some posts on this forum, I figured that it might not be my ideal choice, because of the limitation of DVI (overscan) and VGA (56Hz).

So what other screens could I get?

I did have a look at the Pioneer 43MXE1, which is quite cheap from Richersounds. But it doesn't seem to be HD complient, and people say it is VERY noisy?

By the way, is there any screen that has native 16:9 or 16:10 resolution instead of 4:3 resolution when connected via VGA or DVI?

You can tell that I prefer Pioneer. But if that means restricting my choices, I am happy to consider other makes.

So basically what I want is:
1. Same price / Cheaper than 436XDE
2. HD ready
3. VGA or DVI (preferred) connection without much restriction
4. Sexy (yeah...)

Or should I actually go for an LCD instead of a Plasma?

Any advice?

Many thanks.


Pioneer 42MXE10? Panasonic TH42PHD8? Both HD ready, and no idea who told you MXes were noisy, never heard that one before.
Pixel aspect ratio, you'd have to go 50" to get 16:9 aspect numerically. All 42's are either XGA or ALIS, 1024/1024.


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Thank you for the reply.

I have not heard of 42MXE10? From Googling I found that specs on the Pioneer website, but can't find any proper shop selling it though? How new/old is the 42MXE10?

The Panasonic TH42PHD8 doesn't look bad. I'll read the various threads on the panel later on.

As for the 43MXE1, someone mentioned that it has more than 1 fan and it makes a humming/buzzing noise. I don't know really, I have not seen this panel is real life.

You mentioned that I need to go 50" to get proper 16:9 aspect, while this is an acceptable fact, I don't understand why though? Why are all 42"/43" screens rectangular pixels instead of square pixels?

Many thanks.


You'd find the MXE10 at all good specialists. It's a brand spanking new model, basically an MXE1 with HDCP. I've never noticed an MXE being noisy, it may have fans that come on in tropicl climates like Florida, but not here.
As to the last, it's a question of how to reliably fit the pixels into the space. Hitachi's ALIS pixels share electrodes in pairs to fit them in, 42" fit as many pixels as they can, and XGA is it, with current technology.

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