What PC could I build for £200


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I'm basically wanting to build my own PC that will run Windows Media Centre.

I also need it to store large numbers of MP3's and a few movies and must have a cd/re-writer.

I won't be using it for any games but will be getting hooked up to a 32" LCD tele.

All the components will be going inside a G5 power mac case (empty of course)

Must be able to go on the internet for e-mails etc and finally must be able to run nice and quietly!

Not bothered if its AMD/Intel either.



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You'll be lucky!

I guess second hand bits is the way forward and free software such as Media Portal (good free alternative to MCE but you still need a copy of XP). Also try some of the Linux operating systems. A half decent graphics card and an OEM copy of XPMCE will nearly blow your budget!

A quiet PSU will also add a lot to the bill. Then think motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard disk, decent quiet fans, dvd drive, remote, mouse/keyboard etc. A good amount of tinkering will probably be needed to fit a PC power supply and motherboard to a MAC case.

Flog some of those Russ Andrews mains cables and pump up your budget by at least double! A £200 media PC doesn't really 'match' the rest of your gear. Try here for some ideas http://www.mediapc.tv

Can you hear the difference with those mains cables BTW?


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I think you could probably manage it with the hardware , if you go second hand for most of the kit and are not bothered about gaming or high def (a pentium 3 with 512M of ram would be fine).

A decent second hand mobo with as much on board as possible apart from the graphics and an old radeon ve type graphics card (ran one for years).

Cheap TV tuner card with maybe an s-video input.

That should be enough for dvd, PVR, analogue scaling duties.

You'll possibly be busted by the OS though: don't run a hookey one, it defeats the point of a smooth running HTPC.

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