What older Android for GPS & Camera duties?


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I'm looking for ideas for a cheap, older Android phone that will be used almost exclusively for tracking bike rides, taking pictures while on rides & emergency phone use. Requirements are:

  • Good GPS
  • Decent battery life (when running GPS)
  • Decent Camera
  • Rugged / splashproof or easily available rugged cases
  • Plenty available 2nd hand
  • Cheap!
I've been using an old HTC Desire for this until recently but the power button has now broken so time for an upgrade (and the camera on the Desire was pretty rubbish so I often ended up carrying my main phone anyway to take pic's).

Can anyone suggest anything as I have to admit I don't follow Smartphone Tech much so have no idea what is /was good!



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Thanks, that looks good although not sure if the camera will be an improvement over the desire? Any other options I should consider with better camera's?

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Desire S? I used to have one and if I recall correctly (and the Techradar review is anything to go by) the camera was pretty good for stills. Not so good for HD video though if that's important to you.

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