What no Tank?


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What happened to the tank, it was in all the other GTA games why not this one?:(


What happened to the tank, it was in all the other GTA games why not this one?:(
I noticed aswelll. Gutted that the tank doesn't arrive. Then again, that national guard had dissappeared all together. I guess this is down to the realism of this newer game. National guard wouldn't be sent out for one man.


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...and what about hovercrafts? Haven't come across any so far :thumbsdow

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think you get the tank as a reward for 100% completion

or u can cheat and spawn 1


Regarding planes, only thing I could suggest they maybe put in would be a GR8, or otherwise known as a Harrier.

This then would have similar physics as a heli without having to do too much work back-end. normal RB would control the hover and lift, and when you get to say, 100 gaming foot, press A to enable forward motion, and A again to revert back to hover.

however, this then goes back to the whole national guard thing. Best and cheekiest way to do this, would be to put an aircraft carrier at the dockyard. This rules out the need for an army / air force base, and means that it would only need a few additional clothing models to make it look genuine.

I think that's a real possibility for the future, but I could be wrong. On top of that, the fun fair will also work.

Thats my view anyway! :thumbsup:

If you have any ideas, put them. If enough people back them, it may well happen!

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