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What Next?

Discussion in 'TVs' started by matblack, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. matblack

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    Jul 30, 2003
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    Hi Guys

    I have been acumulating stuff recently when other stuff has passed away and because I haven't planned my purchases or bought stuff together I have quick a mish mash of components.

    Philips 28PW9617
    Sony DVPNS305
    Amstrad Sky Box
    Ancient AWIA non-NICAM video

    The TV is the latest addition when the old one went BANG (big puff of smoke too) I bought a reasonable digital interconnect and techlinks SCART recently.

    Since I got the TV I've fiddled about changing the DVD and Sky box to RGB and playing with settings and the set up is working really well.

    I have a couple of questions though

    My Philips remote seems like it should be able to operate my other items but it just does do anyting when I try it, I can understand it not wanting to talk to the Video but the manual insinutes that it should be pretty much universal with other stuff like the Sky box and DVD player. I now have four remotes and I am running out of space on my armchair arms! Any ideas if there are settings I can change or any remomendations for a universal remote which a) doesn't cost the earth and b) doesn't look TOO cheap?

    Secondly what direction should I go in next to enhance my system? I have a pair of KEP Q30's which are attached to my Arcam CD player and Marrantz Amp but I'd like to keep my music seperate from my cinema stuff what do you recon?

    Third the speakers that came with the Philips 28PW9617 seem pretty good bass is tight not as deep as it could be but quite good, would a speaker upgrade make a whole lot of difference?

    Fourth and finally the rear speakers on the Philips 28PW9617 seem to be a bit hissy no matter what wireless channel they are set to, more so on Sky than DVD would it be better to disregard the wireless module and hard wire them?



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