What new HDMI 2.1 Receiver works best with a LG CX tv without any issues?

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I’m thinking of upgrading my receiver to a more modern one, so I don’t have to do workarounds to get eARC working with external devices like the sharc, which is currently connected to my current receiver.

My current receiver is a Denon X4200W and although it works great and can pass through all audio lossless and the correct formats (thanks to the Sharc), it still limits you to using only the four hdmi TV inputs due to the receiver not being eArc.

If I pass video through it I get weird looping issues because of the sharc in the mix so I only have the audio passing through it with Sharc.

I was wondering with all the recent chipset issues with receivers and other stuff like lack of hdmi 2.1 inputs on them, is it still worth waiting for better ones?

I’m worried if I get a hdmi 2.1 receiver now with earc, it may still have issues with audio/video or handshake issues or some random problem with compatibility.

One of the best benefits I’ve seen with hdmi 2.1 is the instant switching you have between all the inputs with no black screen transitions and everything appears the moment you press a new hdmi input on the remote and no delays.
Apparently this is a 2.1 feature. But will this feature be carried over to a hdmi 2.1 receiver too for example, or would I lose that feature if the video is passing through one of the newer ones as well as the audio?

Also would I need to upgrade my speakers if I got a more modern one?
I have a Q Acoustic 5.1 speakers set up with the following:

Q Acoustic Q2050i
Q Acoustics Q2000i
Q Acoustics Q2070i
Q Acoustics Q2010i

I want to upgrade the front ones with smaller less overbearing ones but still giving the same, or better sound as my current ones, but keep the rear two if possible or even upgrade those if possible?

What are my options in terms of a receiver that will work with my tv and have at least 4 hdmi 2.1 channels and have no compatibility problems with a LG CX tv?


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I know the topic is older but I have an update after months of testing basically every Pioneer, Denon, Marantz and Onkyo receiver that I was told explicitly by customer service both worked and met my needs of 4k120 with VRR HDR DV etc etc... It's not good my friends because none of them did and when I contacted them last week I was suddenly told that they were fixed by now are broken again and a firmware update is being worked on...

Why? Why!? Is it a conspiracy to get rid of 5 HDMI cables for $10 on Amazon? Do they just hate customers who want to give them money and use their products to the fullest potential.. or should I say a basic feature that many many people were looking for in 2020!

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