What new Arcam equipment to add my current Arcams??


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Hi again all.

I love my current pair of Arcams (All equipment listed below). :thumbsup:

Im serious looking into adding one or poss two more Arcam units to my existing setup.

Im open to any suggestions. Thoughts of mine so far are poss to add one or maybe two of the list below:

power amp (3channel)
designated cd-player
dab radio (although havnt heard to many good reviews of the dab radio quality in comparison to fm)

Id love to hear your thoughts and your recomendations of two scenarious:
Firstly if I could only add one extra Arcam unit and secondly if I could stretch to add two more Arcam units.

Once again many thanks.


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If you enjoy a good CD then I would go with a CD192 and a decent interconnect that will do it justice (Black Rhodium Illusion). Biamp using the AVR300 bi-amp option (if not 7.1 or using zone 2), sit back and enjoy!

Personally I would rather improve the source before improving the amplification.


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Hi Liam,
many thanks for this info can understand where your coming from regarding the source.

If I went down the route of a designated cd-player and could stretch to one more peice of arcam kit would a power amp give the entire system justice considering my room size of approx 4x3M2
Im not exactly sure from a technical side of things what a power amp would do. If they simply make a system 'louder' then I would not require as the current setup is plenty loud enough, however if they made my monitor speakers sound even 'crisper' then Id be interested. Id love to hear further advise guys and Im sure I'll have to also demo sometime in Sept.



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Biamp using the AVR300 bi-amp option (if not 7.1 or using zone 2), sit back and enjoy!

Have you tried this? If not why not :D

MA's (IMHO) really do benefit from it and all it will cost you is the price of a couple of extra speaker cable runs. :thumbsup:

From there it's a slippery slope to bankruptcy :rolleyes:


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Which part of the rig are you unhappy with?

I would definetly biamp the fronts if you are not already doing so as my PMC's really came to life when I did this on my AVR350.

I had the AVR250 a while ago and I have to admit I wasn't impressed with the 2-channel performance so you may want to consider getting a dedicated 2-channel integrated from the Arcam range (maybe a 2nd hand FMJ one) and using the AVR300 for surround and centre duties.

Couple this with the dedicated Arcam CD player and I think your system will take a serious leap forward in 2-channel mode but I'm not sure if this is your priority.

If you want to improve the AV side then its a whole load of cahs on maybe an AVR350 or FMJ all the way ;)

Alternatively you could look at changing the speakers from the Monitor Aduios to something like the PMC's etc.


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Hi guys.
Sorry didnt make clear.....Ive been biamping for the last 18months. So that parts well covered.

I now simply looking into and seriously considering adding another peice of Arcam gear in the coming month or so. One of my local dealers whom I spoke briefly to on the phone last week suggested that I add a 3 channel power amp (assuming Im happy with other gear) as stated that this would add extra drive to speakers on the three fronts, thus benefiting CD and AV modes.

As always I know it wont be a cheap addition, so thought Id cover all possibillities.

I am overall happy with the current Arcams, but you know what its like.......Always looking to improve.


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It sounds to me like you want the poweramps and want someone to back up the theory :D - do you have a model in mind?

I'm just a bit confused :confused: as I still cant tell what it is you want apart from more Arcam gear ?

Have a look at the FMJ gear and speakers IMO


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Hi Gsrai,
Like your coment:thumbsup:

Yes your spot in with the fact Im simply wanting more Arcam........but not got a sepcific peice of equipment in mind.

As ive always had good honest help from these forums, Im just seeking any suggestions as to what to maybe add, swop out etc. That would potentially give my overall system most benefit. The 'upgrade' Im probably most interested in is in the sound quality dept (Im not wanting to do anything with the DV79 as Im very happy with pic quality, plus awaiting for Arcam to decide/make hi-def dvd players)

From a sound point of view Im actually happy with the dv79 cd playback quality. Thus for now i've decided to not go down a dedicated cd-player route. The main work that my system does is sky and dvd audio/playback.

Thus Im now prob looking at receiver upgrade or power amp addition.

Or even it may be that I simply need a pro to set up all audio settings and poss speaker position in my room???????


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I think you should do something mental, like get an AVP700 and P1000. Or indeed an AVR350 which is a surprisingly large upgrade over the AVR300. It's just that upgrading to the AVP700 and P1000 is even more of an upgrade again and will satisfy both your upgraditis, your wanting for a big amount of power, and two box solutions are very, very cool :devil:


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Hi Liam,
Yes very mental indead mate.

Not sure if the bank would stretch all that way, but ya never know, when I go mental it can cost a whole load of dosh.

Ive been having deep discussion on another thread of mine also re, improving dialogue from C channel when viewing/listening to 5.1 material.

However................Ive already started being a little mental (its your fault mate) have booked the Arcam CD192 + 3channel power amp for home demo!! This is the start of something definately mental! After Ive reviewed the benefits of these to my current setup, I'll then possibly go down a further arcam demo route. Not sure though about the 7channel applification pair of beasts as not wanting to feed the rears further as their doin fine.


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Buy an FMJ CD-player, new or second hand!

Your gear will not be better than your source!

Do not forgett mainsconditioner, great interconnect (the £110 Audioquest King Cobra would be fine) and a proper rack.

Mainsconditioner is the cheapest upgrade avalible.


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I agree with Oceanrower.. Get a CD36 or a CD33... you'll not regret it...

Why not demo one at your local dealer.. take along your DV79 with a hand full of your favourite CDs and do an a/b comparison.. I think you'll be amazed.

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