What network and what tarriff? Please help!


My O2 online 750 contract is due ending fairly soon so i need to look into the alternatives.

My current useage is mainly evening calls to another mobile thought there are some daytime calls. I get through a good part of my 750 minute current allowance. I also text a bit (less than I used to, probably no more than a couple of hundred texts a month) and I am also abroad quite frequently (every 6 weeks maybe) so have calls made and recieved whilst away. My modal bill is probably £35-£45 with maybe 30% being £75 or £100 upwards.

What suggestions for network and tarriff would anyone make? I have considered '3' but am a tad put off by the phones needing charged daily and I have also been warned that network coverage will be poor (even though i am within only 5 miles of a major city). But I am appealed to the x-net anytime mins they offer.

has anyone any better suggestions?

all the best

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