What my dealer said was best ever Sony dvd player......


my dealer said, Sony Ns900, was the best ever player from Sony, for dvd video quality

anyone have any thoughts on this ?

I said what about the es range, and he said, they were as good on video, just better on audio for sacd

anyone agree with this ?

this was a chat between us, as he doesnt have a ns900 for sale. he has a 955 for sale, and we got chatting.

he says 955 is 90% as good as 900.

he also said the 92 is the same player as 955, albeit, with hdmi output, which he claims, is 2nd best to component.

he also said, prog, scan, was a gimmick to sell dvd players, as there is no need, as the display will have its own prog outputter.

how can a 4 year old sony player, be better than the latest sonys ?


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Tell us who your dealer is, we need to know who the good ones are.

He is bang on.

Just my opinion, Nick


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ocean said:
how can a 4 year old sony player, be better than the latest sonys ?

I have to agree with Nick. Alot of what your dealer says is true. Its true that all flat panel displays have to progressively scan the image in order to display it anyway so a lot of the time you dont need the processor in the DVD player as well. As to whether the processing in the display/DVD player is best is depndent on the individual products involved. As for the quote above well most of the additional features added to DVD players in the last four years are just that "features" I believe the quality of DVD reply matured some time ago and manufacturers just add new bells and whistles in order to convince trhe consumer to buy the next machine.
One of the biggest farces that has sucked in many people has been the "upscaling DVD player" which people seem to think is automatically better without knowing exactly how it all works. Scaling is best done in a scaler:smashin:


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I use my Sony 900 for SACD replay, which it is excellent at - way better than my Denon 3910. However, I recently had to send my 3910 back to the dealer to be checked & had to use the 900, & I find the Denon 3910 feeding my 7205 projector with interlaced component is definitely better than the 900. The 900 doesn't pass BTB & skin tones can have a slight yellowish tone to them no matter what picture eq.

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