What movie are you looking forwrd to in 2003?


Family Guy

Christmas less than a month away, new Harry Potter at the cinema - must be nearly 2003!

What big films are you looking forward to next year? There are a few that really stand out - Daredevil, The Hulk, 2 new Matrix movies and of course T3.

The film that really caught me out this year was The Road To Perdition. This time last year I hadn't even heard of it and now I'm tipping it to wipe the floor clean at the Oscars.

For me, Daredevil is at the top of my "to see" list. And I will probably see The Hulk as well.
Anybody got any snippets they want to share with us on the forums about "next years Road To Perdition"? Don't keep it to youreself - let us all know. You never know, we might even thank you for it;)

Ian Cox

X-men 2, Matrix 2 & 3, The Hulk, T3, Daredevil and of course Return of the King. What a great year it is going to be for films next year, surely all of these can not be rubbish


For you that is I take it.

For me is X-Men2, first and foremost.
Then I may think about The Hulk, Daredevil then with the hope of some lovely box sets Return of the King, T3, and Matrix 2 and 3


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Gangs of New York
Kill Bill


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I've got to go with most of the ones already posted specifically:

Matrix 2 and X men 2

Squirrel God

Matrix 2 and 3 for me - no contest. One I'm gonna not be able to stop myself heading to the cinema for :)


Once Upon a Time in Mexico
The Far Side of the World
The Last Samurai
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Kill Bill

Plus many others no doubt.


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confucius-Nemises is actually this year Dec 13th

Jan-Final Destination 2

April- Dream Catcher & Jeepers Creepers 2

May- X2 & Matrix ReLoaded

June- Fast & the Furious 2 (no Vin Diesel though)
Freddy v's Jason (really wonder how this one pans out)
The Hulk
Charlies Angels - Full Throttle

July- T3 & The Forgotten
Bad Boys 2
The Excorcist-The Beginning
Tomb Raider 2

Novenber-The Matrix-Revelutions

The Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King

Highbinders - For Jackie Chan and Lee Evans!!

Kewl eh gonna be a good year for movies
mostly looking forward to T3, X2 and The Matrix's

The film of 2002 Prolly Minority Report but I havnt seen Solaris yet


T3, TROTK, Matrix 2 & 3, Spy Kids 3 (I think), X Men 2, Hulk, DD, HP3 (again, I think).


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I agree about Return of the King - I am positively gagging for it! :eek: :D

Was hoping for a Batman or Superman film, but that looks as far away as ever now. :rolleyes:

Not sure when Gangs of New York is finally coming out, but am definitely looking forward to it.


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Big Boob Bizzare 34 :blush: :D

The main one for me in all seriousness is T3. Mainly because i'm not so sure that the Matrix follow on's will live up to expectations.


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The Hulk might be good - I didn't have any expectations for it until I heard that Ang Lee was directing.


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Originally posted by Army Bloke
Don't keep it to youreself - let us all know. You never know, we might even thank you for it;)
I dont think Road To Perdition will come top, even though it's a good film. Unless a catastrophe happens, I'm rating The Two Towers for best film of the year.



Return of the King
Matrix 2 &3
The rest of the comic book movies


Next year, Freddy Vs Jason.

Year after (just maybe), Brainded 2. Peter Jackson has confirmed he wants to make it and, at the moment, Peter Jackson can do anything he damn well wants to :)


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I'm looking forward to Johnny English, looks like it will be great fun.

I saw the trailer for Evelyn on saturday, and that is one film that I am not looking forward to. Brosnan's Irish accent is dreadful, it really makes you cringe.

I also saw the the trailer for Charlie's Angels - Full Throtle, that looks ok although I've yet to see the first one.

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