What Mission Speakers match tonally?

Dr Hu

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I have M73 floorstander fronts and a M7C1 centre - I am currently using a mish mash of unused Panasonic HiFi speakers for surround duty (7.1) but looking to upgrade. What bookcase Mission speakers are the best match tonally to my existing Mission speakers?

n.b my surround speakers are on the floor (on their backs) pointing upwards behind various sofa's etc as not to be seen in the room (Wife Acceptance Factor!)- the two centre rears are 4ohms the L & R rear are 8ohm each

I have thought about the proper Bi-polar surrounds from Mission but the wife is against them on the wall with associated wiring etc!


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Do what I did: get a set of Mission M72 bookshelf speakers - use one M72 for the centre (almost perfect tonal match with M73's and better than any of the Mission centres) and the other for centre rear duties. Get a set of Mission M71's for rears. :smashin:

Then lock the wife in the kitchen forever more! :D

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