What microphone would suit?


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Hi, I hope I've found a sutible place to post this query.

I'm looking to buy a microphone and I dont know enough about them to get the one I want.

:lesson: Basically I'm recording video for my friends band and I will need a mic, because the camcorder only sends video to the PC (like a webcam).

The thing is, there are Dynamic mics, electret condenser mics, instrument mics, etc, all of which have different impedance, sensitivity, frequence, etc.

What should I be looking for to record good quality sound from a LIVE BAND?



I assume the recording is done on the PC rather than the actual camcorder? So how is the camcorder connected to the PC? USB and firewire should carry both video & audio so it would just be a matter of changing the setting on the recortding program to get the audio.
If you do go for an external mic then you are going to have issues with getting and keeping the video & audio in sync. I would therefore suggest you look at other methods such as using the camocrder to do the recording and then transfering it to the PC for editing and creating a DVD or whatever you want to do with the footage.
It might also be handy for us to give more adivce if you list the make & model of camcorder & PC and all the equipment and connections used. A budget for anything you need to buy would also be useful along with what you are trying to do, ie create a DVD to sell or for demo etc.


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