What lighing equipment do i need - please help


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Hi, i enjoy photography as a hobby, self taught and i just do what i think looks nice. I bought a light tent ( a huuuge one) to take photos of children, mainly my own but some for friends and family. Any how i have recently used it outside in the middle of a field to get maximum natural light, however as the weather is getting wetter and colder and i wanna continue to take pics inside. I know i need to light the back, sides and front of the light tent but can anyone point me in the right direction of where i need to start, and what lighting i need etc, as im complete and utterly clueless!! Like completely! links would be great :) :thumbsup:

Here are some of the pics taken in a field in the tent.. I want to get the same results inside using my fz50. (bad in low light)






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can't help with your question but nice pics!


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Any 4 identical lights would do the trick (or 4 lights with identical bulbs). You can correct whatever colour cast they create by shooting with a custom of pre-defined white balance.

You just really need consistency both in brightness and in colour.

Obviously there are more expensive routes to go down like flash heads etc ect but you will probably see little difference than with my cheaper option.

You can experiment with the set-up too, you might find you only need 3 lamps or its better if 2 are on the left with none on the right etc.

Someone might have a better idea as I've never done what I'm talking about so don't know for certain if it'll work satisfactorily

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