What level of discount on 15K setup


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I am just about to spend 14 - 15K on a complete HC setup, what level of discount do you guys think I should be able to negotiate with a national chain
of AV/HiFi shops.



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I don't think 10% would be unreasonable. Nor would be throwing in all your cabling for free. Either would be good and both would be fantastic but pigs might fly :)


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I spent just under £6500 & I got about £700 off, which is just over 10%.
Musical Images in Edgware will give great prices without haggling that much, but in the end I got sevenoaks in Weybridge to price match, since they were close to me.

The other Musical Images outlets quoted me £5000 for an infocus 7205 projector when everyone else was selling them for £3500 at the time :eek: . However, the branch in Edgware offered much better deals. Additionally, other sevenoaks didn't offer as good a deal as the Weybridge branch.
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