what LCD for long use in college


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my boss is thinking of putting in an LCD panel in the reception area of our college with sky news and a small area at the bottom for a scrolling message listing class cancelations and other stuff. as this sets gonna be on from 9am to 9pm most of the time which would be the best picture quality/life span unit to buy?


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im not a expert but from what i read the sharp lcds offer the best picture quality for sky transmissions and are at a reasonable price.

Life span wise not sure which LCD is best but LCD is better than Plasma life span.

Message at the bottom would give me concern of possible screen burn. As i said im not an expert and im not sure if LCD is bullet proof from this but maybe better qualified people than myself can answer this issue.


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Sharp P50 series is model range you want and sharps webby claims it gives 60 000 hours of life.

Which based on your 12 hour days your looking at 13 years of life!!


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If it's just going to sit in a reception foyer then just get one of the cheapo no name models that are around.


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Definitely go for a cheapo, although if you are overlaying timetable info you might need one with a VGA input? (just a guess, never seen such things in action)

LCDs are all quoted as having loooong lifespans, I don't think you need to worry too much about that. And being in a college, no-one's going to look too closely to study the subtle nuances in the picture. Paying for anything over bog-standard is overkill.

Cheap as possible with enough connection to do the job, that's all you need!

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