what kind of speaker cables do you guys use?



right now i'm using budget speakercable to connect my 7.1 setup

but i'm thinking of switching to better ones............untill i saw the monster cable prices.......pretty expensive i must say

Does anyone have better solution to bi-wire a 7.1 setup, with terminals (i prefer banana) while not making the costs greater then that of your amp!!!!
Read Nic Rhodes lengthy dissertation in General Hardware on biwiring which can be summarised in two words - don't bother.

There are more arguments in the forum about speaker cable and it's effect on the sound than anything else.

I compromise by using a mid price cable (QED Silver Anniversary) on the fronts and a cheaper flat cable (Ixos 607) for the rears and am happy with the sound.
Without going off into a comatose inducing prose
Some of the best speakers in the world are not bi-wirable. That says something right there.
Uncle Eric,

Some of the best speakers in the world are not bi-wirable.


Just out of curiosity what would they be?;)

Kind Regards,

I feel another top ten coming along
my "lowly" 5.1 uses QED Silver anniversary except the sub which is a phono cable
I use CAT5 bi-wired (only because thats the design I found) for the fronts (Q1s) and ****ty bellwire for the rears (****ty old speakers). Will get around to replacing speakers and cable eventually :rolleyes:

I use QED Bronze Special Edition @ £3 a metre. Don't know whats so special about it but it does look nice against the wood flooring and orange walls :D
kimber 8vs-front and centre-Dynaudio audience 42 and 42c
cable talk the flat one-surrounds and centre back-Mission 77ds and 2 paradigm pdr10s.
cambridge pacific lfe to servo-15.
QED Genesis bi-wire. Definite, big improvements in sound quality - whether due to the improvement in cable or bi-wiring I'll never know....
DPA (Deltec) black sixteen for front and center, Cable Talk 3.1 for surround...
Transparent Music Wave Super Bi-Wire for front L&R.

Transparent Music Wave Super Single Wire for Centre.

Nordost Solar Wind Bi-Wire for Surrounds. :)
Thanks to ReTro I now have some tasty Chord Rumour (£19 pm)

So I was thinking of bi-wiring my doorbell with my old QED silver ann. do you think it will sound better?? the 'Ding' a bit brighter? the 'Dong' a bit deeper?? hmmmm... will try it later.


:D :D :D
Originally posted by Taz
the 'Dong' a bit deeper?? hmmmm... will try it later
Mmm, sounds interesting.I could be doing with that.Let me know how you fare. ;) :D
Currently running the following (will no doubt go out the windwo when off to Uni.)

Centre Chord Odyssesy Bi-wire (£34/m)
L/R/Sub (external amp) Chord Carnival Bi-wire (£7/m)
Rears Chord Ley Line 2 (£3/m)

My centre speaker cabel is only 2foot long mind!:)
QED Silver Anniversary for my Fronts/Center.

QED Original for the Rears (managed to fit it under the skirting too :)).

QED Phono for the Sub.
Entirely cheap stuff but happy with it!

My stereo mini-system (Sony CMT-CP500MD if you're interested) is wired to Mission 771e's using QED original.

AV stuff:
Fronts single-wired with Gale 315
Centre wired with Gale 315
Rears wired with Gale 105

Bearing in mind the price difference it seems to compare favourably with "high quality" cable.
I use 1.5mm twin & earth lighting cable for the front & centre speakers.

1mm twin & earth lighting cable for the rear speakers.

Picked this tip up back in the late 80's, it was something the hi-fi mags raved on about back then & it Sounds Ok to me!

don't use 2.5mm ring main cable, It's a nightmare to bend into speaker * & amp terminals especially if they are springclip terminals!
thanks you guys,
I might go for the qed silver bi-wire line of cables for my fronts and center and the original bi-wire for my four surround speakers...

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