What kind of cheap scaler/doubler is best?



Hi, i'm totally new to this forum and i'm a bit exited whether i'm going to get any respons on my thread:)
The thing is I have a Davis dl450 PJ and a dvd-player with rgb(SCART) and s-vhs.
As many of you might know the internal scaler inside the dl450 isn't that good and therefore I would like to buy and external scaler/doubler and connect it through the VGA-port.
I been looking in a lot og threads both here and on the american site.
I'm quite confused, but my best offer must be the "tv-4000", but as far as i kind read it doesn't support PAL 2:2 pulldown.
I'm not that technical, but since maybe the half of my dvd collection is r2 PAL, I would think that is bad?
Of cause it would be nice with a tv-tuner inside the scaler/doubler, but i already have a tuner built inside my PJ, so it isn't that important!
What is important is the price;)
Hope anybody can help me on my issue
Look for a DVDO processor (line Doubler) about $700 at the last check. Remember if you use the RGB input you cannot adjust the aspect ratio on the projector.
Better not to use it for your DVD's unless you adjust the DVD aspect ratio but then some artifacts (blocking) is bound to occur on a large picture.


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