What kind of antenna do I need for my Technics Receiver ?


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Hello all! Attached is a photo of the back of my receiver. It's a Technics SA-AX540.
Do I need to get two separate antennas for AM and FM?
Do I use a dipole antenna and a loop antenna ?
I don't see where a dipole antenna would be attached to this particular model. Will one loop antenna with speaker wire inserts (2), do the trick?
Additionally, I'm not sure the fan on the one I purchased is working. For those of you who own Technics SA-AX540 Stereo Receiver, at what point does your fan kick on? Should I be worried about this? There is a spot on the top of the unit, by the vent holes, that is warm to the touch (though the rest is not).
Please help ! Thank you !



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FM antennas (aerial in UK) are generally recommended to be 2-3 element yagis, horizontally polarised and directed at the transmitter... they have a folded dipole as the active element. Those have 75 ohm unbalanced coaxial cable connections.
Location is key of course. Some places the aerials are better using a vertical dipole to receive from multiple transmitter directions.

The receiver has two connections for bare wire - one labelled GND would be for the outer braid/screen of the coaxial cable the other for the inner.
NB Do not be tempted by 'ribbon wire' room aerials as they are balanced feeder, have a 300 ohm impedance, and need a transformer to convert 300 to 75 ohm balanced to unbalanced. (Some may be sold with such units attached or supplied separately).

AM loop antennas are readily purchased, and easy enough to make with a coil of thin wire. Or you can even use a 'long wire' antenna run outside. AM transmitters are slowly being shut down in the UK, though. Will you listen much on AM?

Most cooling fans only run when an amplifier is driven for a time and the case starts to feel much warmer than when off.

Google will find the user and service manuals for the item if you look - which may help you?

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