What KEF center speaker to use?


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I’m new to this forum and could really use some help. At this point I have 5.1 HT system completly made up of KEF LS50 Meta’s.

I am happy about it, but, because we are getting a new tv cabinet, I’m thinking to change the center speaker to a KEF R2C center speaker.

Is this an upgrade and how do these speakers sound together? Has anyone any with this? Or should I stay with LS50 set up?

I really could use our help, because listening before the buy isn’t an option.



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I know in the US you can order a single LS50 centre speaker, maybe you can get one over here that would be the best match.


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I've got an LS50 Meta as my centre and I'm more than happy with it. I wasn't able to compare it to the R2C but I did try the Q250C; the LS50M was much clearer on vocals. I guess if you switched to the R2C you'd lose the advantage brought by having three identical speakers up front so you may end up with a mismatched system.


At one time KEF offered the original LS50 as a single speaker so that it could be incorporated in a 5.1 set up. You could approach a dealer and ask if it's possible. Other than that KEF, I believe, will suggest the R2C which is a mighty fine three way centre.


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I have an R2c paired up with Kef R700’s and it sounds terrific. I don’t know where you’re based but you’re welcome to have a listen if you like.

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