What is your experience/opinion of 3D TV?

What is your experience/opinion of 3D TV?

  • I have a 3D TV but I don't watch 3D on it

    Votes: 523 13.5%
  • I have a 3D TV and I watch 3D on it rarely

    Votes: 901 23.2%
  • I have a 3D TV and I watch 3D on it regularly

    Votes: 491 12.7%
  • I don't have a 3D TV but 3D is something I would want in my next TV

    Votes: 333 8.6%
  • I don't have a 3D TV and I'm undecided about 3D

    Votes: 407 10.5%
  • I don't have a 3D TV and I'm not interested in 3D

    Votes: 1,223 31.5%

  • Total voters

Stuart Wright

AVForums Founder
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We're trying to gauge how interested people are in 3D TV.
We will ask you about 3D projectors in a different poll. This one is just about your 3D TV experience/opinions.

Dorset Dave

Active Member
I love 3D. I have a Panasonic active shutter tv which provides bright, detailed pictures, virtually no cross talk, and gives genuine 3D content a wonderful sense of depth and, in some instances, great pop out moments. I was going to invest in a larger screen this year so was disappointed to hear that Panasonic will not be including any active shutter models in this year's range.

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Don't have one. Don't want one.

I've seen 3D at the Cinema and it's been fine on the odd occasion. But mostly it's been woefully underused and detracted from the film. MIB3 for example could have just been 2D as I noticed very little if anything that utilised 3D.

I've no interest whatsoever in getting it at home. I've seen a few at other places and to me the 3D looks good, but it takes away any 'HD' quality of the image. You spend all this money to get a great picture quality and then put a pair of glasses on to drastically change the quality, brightness etc etc.
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Distinguished Member
I really like it and when it is used correctly it can really enhance the movie experience and 'involve' you more in the film.

3-d film highlights for me are:

Avengers Assemble

Dredd 3d is released in the UK next week and that is said to be superb too, so that may be added to my list.

Whilst there are not many 3d films available to view, which I am interested in (ie none cartoon based 3d) I must say that I really enjoy the experience when the right film comes along.

The comment above about the 3d taking away from the 'HD' quality I have to totally disagree with. Having watched a number of 3d movies on my TV on all counts I can recall moments being amazed by certain scenes in terms of the picture quality and in no way was the HD degraded IMO.

Certain films lend themselves to 3d and some do not. Avengers I thoroughly enjoyed in 3d, but The Dark Knight I equally enjoyed in none 3d but was wowed by the IMAX scenes, which are the finest images I have seen on a home system.

Ask me if I would prefer an entire film shot in IMAX or 3d and I would say IMAX as the quality at the cinema and home is jaw dropping.


Distinguished Member
I will want 3d in my next tv- but more for futureproofing than anything else. I can't see myself buying/ renting a great many 3d titles; only those that are truly worth it. It would be a nice feature to have but not a deal-breaker.


Active Member
I have a 3D tv and have tried to watch it but cant last more than 15mins before the headache sets in....... so 3D at the moment is not for me


Well-known Member
I bought my current TV purely based on the 2D PQ, and wasn't really bothered about the 3D in all honesty, as most of my 3D experiences at the cinema have been average and left me looking forward to watching them in 2D Bluray at home.
However, since having the 3D setup at home and buying a few 3D films at home, it has totally changed my perspective and I have been very impressed with some of the films, and also how much better the quality is when viewed on a decent TV, especially the crispness of the image and the deptch of field it adds when used right.
Prometheus for example is stunning in 3D, and adds so much to the film, but it can be done equally as badly giving the impression of cardboard cut-outs of actors etc rather than tru 3D depth.
I an a big fan of decent animations too, and they are particularly suited to 3D, and Pixar's 'UP' is a personaly favourite of mine. :smashin:

I do however find myself nodding off a lot easier when wearing the 3D glasses, and actually dozed off 2 briefly at the iMax cinema recently whilst watching The Hobbit! :boring: :facepalm: :laugh:


Active Member
I don't know if its because I wear glasses, the cinema I go to or the RealD, but I've yet to see a sharp 3D picture at the cinema.

When I went to see Promethius in 3D I was really looking forward to watching my first native 4K film on the big screen. However in 3D it all looked a bit blurred which was disappointing.

I bought a pair of Polaroid 3D glasses for the Hobbit and the picture seemed to be slightly sharper, but I found the 3d effects a bit fuzzy and in some cases a blurred mess!

So currently I'm not very impressed with RealD. I'd like to try Active 3d but don't know anyone with an active 3d tv. :(


Active Member
I got a 42 inch Celcus 3d TV from Sainsbury's back in may and I love it

I paid under £400 for it brand new and watch 3d films and program's all the time and great for playing 3d games on xbox and PS3


Active Member
I was a 3D naysayer after going to see Avatar upon it's initial release - I wear prescription glasses, so found wearing an additional pair over the top cumbersome. I found the 3D experience gave me a headache, and the picture felt 'blurred' even with the glasses on. It wasn't until my brother got me to watch a couple of games of football in the pub (in passive 3D) that I began to think that I had mibbie had a poor initial experience. The football stadium had a real sense of depth, it was like watching the game through a window. I decided to give the cinema a second chance, and went to see Dredd ........... WOW - this totally made great use of the 3D and I found that there was little headache this time (possible because of the shorter runtime).

Like with all av equipment - you get the best results when it's set up properly.

Anyway, I'm now an advocate of 3D - I have an active 3D TV, a raft of 3D blu-rays and enjoy showing my set up off.

Mark One

Active Member
My biggest gripe with 3D TV is, I wear glasses normally so have to wear two pairs. After about 20 minutes I find it irritating and give up. Surely 3D will only become mainstream when it becomes glasses less.


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Buy clip on ones that fit over your glasses

Cheep and great if you have glasses you can get them on amazon
Well that's for passive 3d not looked at active ones as don't need to


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I can't see it though I have one for the rest of the family. For me, it's like watching a film with shades on...:cool:


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Don't have a 3D TV, and the only reason for getting one would be a feature like Samsungs multi-view (or "dual view"?). The wife and I specifically avoid 3D screenings at the cinema, and the few I've seen have ended up being less immersive than 2D, partially because of the poor glasses (blind/blurry spot in the middle unless they are welded to your face), and partially because I was overly aware of the director trying to show off the 3D effects. Examples: Up, The Avengers Assemble.


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When its done well, it can be amazing.

Nature programs benefit from 3d a lot. But the usual problems of crosstalk or poorly framed footage, artefacts etc can simply destroy the experience.

I have an active 3d set and on movies its always brilliant with the majority of content. With Sky 3d stuff its less so, but really is content dependant. Upgrading the TV to a more current one this weekend so we'll see what difference that makes, if any.

I like 3d when its done well. Avatar is amazing. And it looks better on my active 2010 3d TV than it did in the cinema, IMO. But again there isn't that much content that is good enough to really immerse.

There should be more 3d content in my view.

blu disc

Active Member
Have a LG55 passive LED absolutely love 3d but 95% of our 3d viewing is for the kids at the moment. Can't wait for more 3d content from sky


Novice Member
I have two active technology 3D TVs. The picture performance in 3D is worse than 2D on both, in the main. Far worse torching and clouding issues and the picture is less bright and vivid without turning everything up to max and that amplifies the uniformity problems. So I'm 98% a 2D viewer. The glasses are a pain as well, literally at times. But when done well 3D can be quite thrilling. But it's a novelty thing which clearly is why it has not taken off over the last few years as had been hoped.

GaryB 1978

Distinguished Member
I like 3D and have the Sony 55 HX853, however I'm not that impressed for one reason, for me you need a huge screen to be fully immersed. 55 is way to small, pitch black room 100+ screen then maybe yes. I love 3D at the cinema


Novice Member
I love 3D, but my wife could not see the 3D on all the Active 3D TVs we tested, her eyes aren't the best, but I was thrilled when on a Passive 3D TV she could see it.
Also with Active, I fond that my eyes would hurt after about an hour of use and the crosstalk was really bad on LCDs :(
But with the Passive there was no crosstalk and we could happily watch film after film, without sore eyes :smashin:
But now the whole family love 3D and we have 63 3D titles on Blu-ray and someone is usually watching a 3D film on a daily bases in out house on Blu-ray or 3D TV on sky :D


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My main reason for originally buying my Panny VT30 was the 2D picture quality, the 3D option being an added feature on this model which as most forumites know uses the active 3D glasses system. Having said that I have watched a few BD 3D films, including "Sea Rex" and wildlife documentarys including Sky's the "Kingdom Of Plants" which is simply excellent and I have to say that it can be very, very immersive and it does most definately add to the viewing experience. :thumbsup:

But I recently watched my two 3D freebee promotions (I bought a Panny DMP-BDT500 3D blu-ray player recently) of "Avatar" filmed natively in 3D, and "Titanic" which was a (good) conversion and they're both long films and I have to say that I ended up feeling a bit eye weary after watching them. So I do feel to watch the majority of films in this format can end up being a bit tiring at times given the lengh of the feature. :lesson:

So to sum up, all in all it's good to watch full HD BD 3D on occasions but not all the time imo. Mind you I am looking foreward to viewing "Prometheus" in 3D though and I do admit to having around 30 or so titles in this format at the mo. :D
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Im rocking the Samsung 55UES8000 and bought it for the 2D primarily, not being fussed about 3D. I've since been converted by Madagascar3, Black Knight Rises, Dredd 3D, (MIB 3D is pretty poor, but then the effects are added post production), Avatar 3D, and Prometheus 3D. Sharp detailed and richly coloured, the 3D films have been so good that even the Wife is extolling the TV to her friends and family. Was delighted when she took her friend through from her visit to see the TV in action. Job done.


I've had a panasonic 42" VT30 for over a year now and have only watched the Avatar 3D blu-ray once that came with it. Not really interested in 3D tbh, other than the novelty factor.

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