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What is Xbox worth nowdays?


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I'm thinking about selling my Xbox. It's 1.6 version.

Made modyfications:
-modded with a chip
-hard disk 500GB
-Xbmc installed.

Come with pad, joystick, gun, remote control, original 10 games (+backup games), euro RGB/S-Video/separated audio cable, component (up to 1080i)/seperated audio cable (very good costed £30).

I don't have any idea how much can I get. If not much I woluld rather keep it.


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It's difficult to judge but I would say

Xbox £60 with pad, joystick, remote
Gun £4-5 (depending on what gun)
Games £20 the lot - no-one wants them anymore (apart from me!:D) although if you have any rarities then a bit more.
Component cable - £10-15 max

So at a conservative guess as a job lot probably £85-90 - the money you put into modding one is never as much as you get back! To be honest, XBMC makes the Xbox so good anyway I'd just keep it. The money I've spent on my Xbox(es) has been more of a hobby than anything else so I see it as a good investment - I just enjoy seeing what I can or what others can develop and find it to do next...


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id tell u to keep it aswell... i picked up a 2nd the other week there for £20... with an official (id wasted £8 twice on ebay) remote, 2 controllers and more than 10 original games.


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i think xbox's with xbmc have far more intrinsic value than their market value

it seems like a tough sell to get people to part with more than £50 (delivered) for an xbox bundle (people just see them as £20 at gamestation). and to put it in perspective you can get one of those WD 1080p media players for £80, a lot of people will be put off by the xbox's limitations on SD content

I probably spent about £30 on my xbmc setup (xbox + IR remote + component cable) but it was the best £30 i've spent for a long time
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