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what is wrong with this machine?



i have a little MITX system consisting of these components:

Thermaltake element q case
Gigabyte H61N-USB3 MoBo
intel core i3 2100T procesor
8 gig of corsair value ram
120 gig ocz agility 3 SSD
win 7 home premium 64bit
pioneer dvd

it all works but randomly crashes. for last wk nothing, been absolutely fine. i had issues before and did a full system format etc and was lovely. i think win update may have done something as when the last set of updates inc .net 4 installed it crashed after that but re-boot fine. i had hanging issues at start but set AHCI mode on startup after bios update.

could it be windows doing this, the pc was left doing nothing and it crashed itself.

or hardware. i have run memtest and that said fine, SSD disc check under windows had 2 errors - software based i believe.

could it be the mobo/processor.

stumped as all equipment is brand new.


heat is likely to be a problem even with the lack of Hard drive and the low=current proc. More faNS and set them on 80%. Smell the machine after it's been running, you'll soon know why its crashing. run with sides off too.

Possibly SSD related ??? (sandforce controller?)

Coolermaster have a nice new mitx case out, might not be available at reatil yet tho.
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i'm thinking it could e ssd. it dont produce much heat to be fair and no space for extra fans. ill ask my mate to test it but having case off is no option.


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You say you switched to AHCI mode after a BIOS update. When you installed windows to the SSD did you install it in IDE mode?

There is a fix you have to do in the registry to change windows to AHCI as you installed in IDE mode.
Reselect IDE in the BIOS and see if the problems persist or google how to change from IDE to AHCI in the registry and try that.
Could explain the crashes. :)
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i originally setup with ide but i flattened it and reinstalled windows with ahci selected. the latest is its had 1 minor crash and then done another windows update so its behaving at the moment. i think it's a windows issue as it crashed after .net 4 was installed but lots more updates since then.


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Is it crashing and then rebooting, crashing and powering off or freezing? The problem could be caused by anything but the more likely components are motherboard, memory, psu or windows.



yes it was the SSD drive. changed it eventually and its fine now. the SSD wouldn't update its firmware, failed at 883 blocks everytime. RMA'ing it

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