What is wrong with my dvd playback?

I've just noticed when I watch a dvd there is a narrow band which is lighter than the rest of the picture, all along the right hand side of the screen. It's a regular dvd player connected to my TV. I'm sure this has only started today as I've never noticed this before. My dvd player's about 3 years old. Does anyone know what's causing this? Is it likely to damage the discs, or will they be ok? Apart from this narrow band on the screen the player works fine, so it seems a shame to dump it already. Is it better to buy a new player? Thanks.


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Your disks will be fine- but I dont think a person will repair one for cheaper than a new one would cost.
Thanks. The player might just be wearing out. It's a panasonic but it was cheap. I'll get a bluray player next time.The dvd's will look better and hopefully the player will last a bit longer.


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How is it connected?

Players don’t generally cause a specific issue with a line, it is more likely to be a cable issue or the tv itself.

DVDs won’t necessarily look better played back on a blu Ray player, it depends whether the player or the tv does a better job of upscaling it.
It's connected by a scart lead. I don't see a problem if I play a dvd that's widescreen, but when I play a dvd that's in the old 4:3 format there is a narrow lighter band along the right hand side of the picture. I've only noticed this today. It never used to do it. I was just hoping this wasn't going to damage the discs in any way.


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Ah ok, check the scart connection, unplug and reconnect. Also have you adjusted your aspect ratio at all?

What you can get is issues near the edge which are possibly to do with overscan (or lack of).

Is it on all DVDs or just select 4:3?
I've checked a few things.The problem isn't with the dvd player after all. It's my TV. The reason I haven't noticed before is all modern stuff is in widescreen. I only see this pale strip down the right hand side of the screen when I watch something in the old 4:3 format. I watched some old 4:3 youtube videos through the TV and they also have this pale strip down the right side of the screen. If it's the TV, looks as if I'll have to live with it. At least it's not the dvd player, so the discs won't get damaged.


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I'm still puzzled why you think the disks will get damaged. I suspect that the player is older than 3 years if it only has a SCART connection. What model is your TV?
It's a Sony model no KDL-32S5500. It's roughly 5 years old. I only thought the discs would get damaged if there was a fault with the dvd player, but I think now it's more likely a problem with the TV when watching something in 4:3. If that's the only problem I can live with it. Thanks.

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