What is this movie?


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I doubt you guys will know based on such little information I have but a friend of mine when I was teenager showed me the first half hour or so of a film which I'm trying to find because now I want to watch the whole thing. I think it was a film from either the 80's or 90's. The only scenes I remember is one scene where a mugger walked up to the antagonist of the story and points a gun at him then gets his eyeballs slit with a switchblade. The second scene I remember was right at the beginning where the antagonist is having sex with a woman and then pulls a switchblade and slits her throat. He then leaves a rose at the bed. He says something like "A woman can know too much about a guy." before doing that. The hero of the movie is a guy with beard who lives in a trailer or a caravan. Obviously it was pretty gritty movie which is why he showed it to me and it's stuck in my head all these years. Oh yeah one more scene I remember. The villain tries to look for the protagonist of the story and goes to his trailer to kill him. He doesn't find him because he's hiding on the roof of the trailer. That's it. You guys will probably have no idea but I thought it would be worth a try.

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