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What is this media player???


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Hi all

I found this media player/streamer a few weeks ago online and for the life of me I can't bl**dy find it now! Been through my net history also!!

It was (approx 2.5K) and had no storage, bar an internal 80Gb SSD for OS. Typical small black rectangular box shape but being similar to Kscape products it retreived all the metadata automatically BUT you could use your own server (without the need to purchase HDDs from the streamer company)!

It plays back everything as most do these days but could also be controlled via iPad, etc... as some others also do!

I just want to find the thing again and can't :confused: I know it's a search criteria thing I'm getting wrong here!!

If anyone can help! Thanks in advance!!


Ps. I know I'm gonna get hit up with recommendations for other streamers but I'd like to keep this thread on track pls!


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Oh dear...! After mooching around our very good forum I found a thread that got me straight to it

Base 3D | DF Solutions Ltd

and it looks like the company have sadly gone under! Shame looked like a great product but without support (at the price) im out.

Thanks all the same.


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Im not one bit surprised they have gone under ,

What you have there is essentially a Streacom FC8 chassis , available here ,

Streacom FC8 EVO Series Fanless Home Theatre Aluminium Chassis

It Probably has an Intel i3 or i5 processor ( newer 22nm 45w models) on an mitx board or similar and using streacoms nano PSU , and that front end software looks suspiciously like Jriver media center, an audiophile grade piece of software with all the metadata functions you would ever need, which you can get for 50 quid.


Basically , you can put that system together yourself for approx 500 or so ! With all the support you want or need available from multiple sources ..... if they were charging 2.5K that is an outrageous markup !!

I have a similar system myself , based on the Streacom FC5 , running W8 for the fast boot and remote friendly left, right , up , down , metro interface and running Jriver for its audio properties , and of course it accesses any nas , its a PC !!
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You could just use Plex on a HTPC and get similar results.

Buy a Mac Mini and install Plex server, Plex media center, it will auto scan your content & build a covert media library, can be controlled via iPad Plex client too and stream to other Plex clients.


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The case is actually the ITX7 by Wesena. same factory different brand :) We've got the FC8s in to do a test build for a small machine - we've been using the FC5/9/10 which are wider thinner versions and are passively cooled - the FC8/ITX7 is an air cooled case (ie it has a cpu fan).

The base 3 had a custom front end and was quite popular with custom installers. I havent heard that many complaints about then (apart from price). maybe you can pick up a second hand one. There are alternatives though at a lot cheaper price point if you dont want to build yourself.


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I think the Intel NUC might just be a bit of a game changer in terms of small format PC's that can easily be configured to play anything .... although I do have my doubts about how noisy the fan is .... I might just buy one to play around with.

They are available ( bit pricey though ) from quietpc here , I have seen them for a lot less , though you do need to be careful which configuration you are buying and what your getting.


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