What is this line across my TV and can I fix it?


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Can anyone diagnose and let me know if its fixable?

This is a Sharp 40inch LED TV, currently used as a desktop monitor (as shown in video) but the issue is the same on the picture across TV and HDMI. There is a permanent horizontal block line across the top of the screen and depending on movement below this block the colour changes within the block. The picture is not completely missing though.

Video of issue:
Thanks for any advice!


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Given that the window (even the blue help icon) isn't affected when you drag it into that area it does seem likely to be a software issue and not a display fault with the screen.

Can you expand a bit more on the situation? When did the problem start? Was it doing it before you upgraded to Windows 11?


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@EndlessWaves thanks for your comment, but this isn't to do with Windows 11. I haven't upgraded. Also the issue exists across TV channels and other HDMI devices so it's definitely an issue with the TV, I just want to know whether people think it's something I can repair (I've read about TCON boards) or it's an issue with the panel itself.

Thanks again!

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