what is this folder and what is it for?


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i have just been looking through my folders and i went into local settings and found a folder named apps which hadnt been there before. i browsed through its contents with hidden files set to on so i can see them and nothing was in it apart from another folder called 2.0 and to weird named folders and then a folder called manifest and nothing else. now i found it a bit weird on how it had come to be there seeing i dont remember installing anything that would cause this to appear i looked when the folder had been created and it said the 17 of august at about 9 oclock which was two days ago today of this post so ive deleted it and left it in recycle bin till i know what it does or what it is linked to could anyone fill me in on what this folder and folders are and what they do and are they needed.


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From a brief Google on the files you said, it seems to be a windows based file. It could be used for amything within windows, I certainly wouldnt delete it. Windows constantly downloads files and fixes for itself and you may not become aware of its use until you use a specific file or program.


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ive restored it now but i dont understand why it would be created with nothing in it doesnt make any sense to me and what is its purpose because my dads computer does not have this folder in local settings folder and his computer is also on media centre edition xp:lease:

does anyone know what the folder is for and does


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no file names just folders inside folders which are all empty even in show hidden files mode doesnt matter not too bothered about it

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