What is this cable?


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I have my AE700 projector connected to my sky box with a Scart to s-video adaptor then a 10m s-video lead then a s-video to scart adaptor (sky is set to RGB)

Picture is excellent for sky, in fact watching batman from sky last night picture was almost as good as DVD

What is this cable effectively? a scart to scart lead? would there be any advantage in changing the current arrangement?


Ian J

I would guess that you are watching pictures in composite if you are trying to output RGB but via an s-video cable.

Mark Grant

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Hello Dave,

If the sky box is set to RGB with a scart to s-video adapter, then as Ian says you will most likely be seeing a composite sync signal only. ( no way to send RGB down an s-video cable)

So if this looks almost as good as DVD on a component cable, then either the 10M component cable has huge losses or the scaler in the projector is poor with a component signal.

If the sky box has an s-video output setting, then maybe try that.

10M is a long way for an RGB scart lead, but should ceratinly look better than composite if thats all you have now.

If the DVD has RGB scart, then maybe move the DVD player close to the projector so you can see what the projector looks like with RGB scart, if you have a spare normal length scart to test with.
You could then switch betwen the 10M component and scart from the DVD and see whick looks best, before you buy a 10M scart.

( might be too difficult to move the sky box nearer the projector to test)

But if you are happy with the picture then maybe leave it as it is :)

hope that helps,



sky + boxes come with a separate s video output so you shouldnt need an s video to scart converter. come to think of it, your pj should have s video input so you dont need it on that end either. if its rgb output feed you are after, you would need an rgb to component adapter. costs about 80 quid. plug your scart from sky box in to it -set to rgb- and run three phono to phono cables to your pj from the adapter. this will give you best sky pic. short of a sdi connection which is another ball game


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OK I've splashed out and bought a 10m TV cables (excellent service again from them) scart lead and just connected it all up.
I would say there is no increase in quality over the Scart adaptor>>S_video lead-Scart Adaptor I had before, still plenty of dot crawl on the sky system setup menu borders and on the blue sky program info box you get while watching a prog.

as before actual moving video is pretty good, films etc are nice. I have noticed that films on sky one seem to be of a higher picture quality than other channels (anyone else notice this)


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E4 on (Telewest at least) seems to have half the resolution of normal channels and it looks very bad, it was origionaly only on the adverts but all the programmes seem to have reverted to that as well :(.

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