What is this box in my garage?


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I noticed today that when I flipped my garage circuit breaker off it turned the lights off in my garage and also turned the power off to this box thats plugged into an outlet. My cable tv cable connects to this box. What happens is that when turned off it cuts the cable signal to all my tv's. Anyone know what is this?.....see pic. Thanks!


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It's what it says on the label. It converts 120v ac mains to supply 12v dc down a coaxial cable. Probably to a remote device which is otherwise unpowered such as antenna or cable signal booster. That's why you have lost a signal feed to your tvs. Whatever feeds them is unpowered.


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Thanks. I see now that this provides current to this mess of splitters down in the garage. I would like to clean this up but don’t know how….


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Fred Smith

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While we do have cable TV here in the UK, I have never seen a set-up like that, i.e. the power injector.

Suggest you ask your local cable TV company, or the American equivalent of this forum: avsforum.

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