what is the term for TVs where one remote button can switch straight to a specified input


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I'm trying to setup a universal remote and I am again revisiting my requirement of getting it so it can (for example) go straight to hdmi3 no matter what the current selection is. I surprised that something so useful is not more in demand,. Annoyingly I have forgotten when the "ability" is called.


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I remember from my Harmony remote days that instead of a power on/off toggle (the action of which depended on the current state) it was advantageous to use 'discrete' codes instead ('on' always meant 'on', 'off' always meant 'off'). Might this terminology apply to your requirement ie you're not looking to cycle through inputs but go direct to the one you want. Indeed, perhaps 'direct' or 'absolute' might be appropriate descriptions?

Incidentally, again from my Harmony days, I do know that even if the original remote doesn't have discrete/direct buttons for power or inputs that's not to say the codes don't exist for them.


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that was it ! "Discrete codes" Having googled it I see there still appears to be no public appetite for such functionality

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