What is the perfect measurement for HT????

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by sunnyhd, Jun 8, 2009.

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    Hey Guys

    28 feet Long
    19 feet Wide
    12 feet High

    Before I start my home theatre build I wanted to get some advice on how to get it right the first time around:D…
    As I have been granted the planning permission to build a three bedroom house with basement…:clap:

    The theatre I had in mind is in the basement 28’ x 19’ x 12’ in feet and it is to have a Bar, a Toilet, A/V room. 8 or more seats: two rows of seats 4 theatre seats in the first row, 4 in the second row, The rear rows could be risers built
    Although I was thinking of squeezing a sofa bed or built in wall bed
    For one of those back to back movies nights
    A soffit
    At the entrance: The Bar to have popcorn machine maker with candy counter and a mini coffee maker and the fridge for drinks.

    The ceiling will have hundreds of fibre optic light..

    The screen I am thinking is 16 feet wide. This gives me about a 212” diagonal 2.35:1 screen with a high-gain screen. When using the 16:9 aspect ratio, the screen diagonal is approximately 221".

    The projector I have at this moment is Sony VPL VW100, with 8 feet screen but I am hopping to double that in my new HT :D
    I am not sure this projector will throw to that distant….as I would like the screen to be wall to wall.

    The speakers I have at moment are 7 monitor audio in wall Gold Cp and PB13 Sub. Planning on to get another PB13 to go with my present one

    Any help and advice are very much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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