What is the easiest way to get Xbox live?


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Had my 360 for a while now and I've heard alot of hype about Xbox Live so I fel I want to give it ago.

I've got an Xbox Premium Edition, and a wireless internet connection, what do I need to get connected quickly/easily?

Also do yo need the headset thing which came with the Premium edition, because I think I lost it!



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If youve go a wireless router allready then just buy the official wireless adapter its the easiest way just plug it in put in you security details and your up and running.

You dont need the headset but it sort of adds to the whole live experiance so is worth you looking for.


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I, too, strongly recommend the wireless adapter.

It even has a clip so it can clip onto the back of the 360 itself making it look a bit tidier.

All you'll need is your WEP code, and you're away.

Word of warning: LIVE is very addictive.
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