What is the difference between the S360 and the S350?


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The S350 won't decode HD audio and the S360 has no eject button on the remote. The S360 is probably faster at loading dics too and is a newer model. I would avoid Play as there are delays on deliveries at present. Elsewhere the players are often similarly priced which makes the S360 the obvious choice.


The S360 decodes DTS master audio.:smashin:

regards cinema-man.


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I am looking at the following two Blu-ray players and cannot see what extra features the S360 has for the increased price. The only difference I can see is that one has a blue front and one has a black front.

Thanks for your help. Which one would you go for?

Play.com (UK) : Sony BDP - S360 Blu-ray Disc Player : Electronics - Free Delivery

Play.com (UK) : Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player : Electronics - Free Delivery

Try Richer Sounds and you may get a 350 that is MR for DVD. I love mine.


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The fact that the 350 won't itself decode DTS-Master soundtracks doesn't matter if - like most people - you bitstream the HD signal for your amp to decode.
It's worth noting that at least one participant in the recent "shoot-off" which featured on this messageboard preferred the 350 to any of the other top flight BD players on test.


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I quite like the S350. I think it is quite a good up-scaler. Shouldn't the S360 be at least as good though?
I picked up the S350 for a bargainous £100 last week. Fortunately I have an Onkyo 507 for HD audio duties so am sorted :)

Just glad it's a quality player for a damn good price, been stellar so far :cool:

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