What is the difference between Samsung HW-Q70T and HW-Q800T? £100 price difference


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Hi all,

There is currently £100 price difference between these two soundbars. Samsung website suggest no difference at all, Rtings suggests it’s just the subwoofer size / frequency, but other than that I can’t find any other difference.

Does anyone know a reason the 800T would be worth the extra £100?

Thanks in advance.


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I think they are identical other than the sub you mention. If you like action movies and bass heavy music go for the 800T


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Thanks for the reply gf1966. I don’t need toooo much bass so the 70T if the same otherwise seems far better value. Half way towards the rear speakers for that money. Can’t help thinking I’m missing something though as £100 is quite a lot for the same thing, even if sub does go a bit deeper...

Any idea why they have both on the market?


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Thanks 7Dahl7. That don’t make it easy to tell do they! Seems odd to have two bars so similar from the same model year line up...so far it looks like HDMI 2.1 and a lower sub frequency....
Does anyone know if Samsung release spec sheets with more detail than that on the website?


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Even Alexa assistant built in.
now work really bad, but i Hope Samsung Will fix the bug that activate Alexa whitout command.

if you search on rtings hW Q800t semms Better performance than Q70T thanks to soobwoofer....not only for action film.

ps Sorry for my English
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It looks like THD is less on Q70T, and difference is fairly noticeable! Peak is 0.8% (Q70T) vs 9.2% (Q800T) @ 660Hz. Source.

My feedback would be go for Q70T unless bass is very important for you.

@7Dahl7 mentioned Q800T has newer HDMI 2.1, but I was not able to find the proof for this, neither in the official specs sheets, neither in manuals. So, if you're reading this and you have a proof Q800T has a newer HDMI standard - please share it. Thanks <3.
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Ah ok so looking at rtings THD list they score the Q70T at 7.8 (green) and the Q800T at 7.0 (amber). I assume this means the 70 is better?

Since OP I have purchased the Q70T and picked up SWA-9000S rears (£107! curry’s) and am very pleased so far. I’ve not tried to calibrate yet, not sure how to do so. Bass it’s plenty for me! Also can recommend Vebos rear speaker stands. Good quality and neat look.

I’m yet to find any atmos content on streaming service to get excited about though


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Good price on Amazon UK at £486.00

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