What is the difference between JBL Control 1, Control 1C, Control 1G.....


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I have just bought a pair of second hand JBL Control 1'S, I already own two pairs of Control 1G's and I have seen that there are also Control 1C's, possibly even more types!!!!!

Does anybody know what the difference between them is?




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I know this thread is quite old but I am in the same position not knowing what the difference is between JBL 1C and 1G and 1... can any one tell me ?
There are so many different types and no info on the JBL site. I think one of them is magnetically shielded but don't know which one and one maybe 100volt line but again don't know which one is which.

Please help.
Martin Orbell.


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Well, I can think of no other speaker which is as good value for money or it's size and weight.
Yes in short, They are very good indeed. I have got a pair of Control 1G and a larger pair of Control 5 plus and they are very good, I don't know what Control 1C are like because I don't have any. But I am really interested to find out what the difference is between them all. I don't seem to be able to get any info from the JBL site or anyone else. I know that the JBL badge on the front is sometimes a different colour, which means it does somthing else.
I know that one of them is for 100 volt line use. I know that one of them has a control knob and different tappings on the back for different ohmages. I know that one is a later model and one is only for contract use, I know that you can get most of their range in black or white and sometimes silver finishes, Etc Etc but which is which and what do they all do ?
I know that the Control 5 Plus is a larger speaker and the plus means inproved treble and hi end over the standard Control 5, the badge on the front of these is blue.
The plain Control 1 and the Control 1G has just a black badge with silver writing on it but some have got an Orange badge on the front ?

Can someone please explain ?

Martin Orbell.

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