What is the difference between 3000 & 3003 version


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AFAIK the first digit is the the generation and the last digit indicates the region, Europe, Japan, etc.

PSP-x000 - Japan
PSP-x001 - USA, North America
PSP-x002 - Australia & New Zealand
PSP-x003 - UK
PSP-x004 - Europe
PSP-x005 - Korea
PSP-x006 - Hong Kong, Singapore
PSP-x007 - Taiwan
PSP-x008 - Russia
PSP-x009 - China


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are the same games compatible for the psp 3000 and the psp 3003?

wud be v grateful if sum1 cud ansa this question 4me

many fanx

Usman Ayub

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hi monkey business,
I am Willing too buy Psp 3000, I live in UAE. only problem is that i can only find psp3006 pb model here. is it safe too buy it and is it exactly the same as psp 3000, 3001,... etc.

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