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hi I currently have a toshiba 32av555d and use it as a monitor for my pc running an amd 2gb graphics. The picture is perfect for me as is everything but the size as a 32” is too small so I have to drag it close where as I want a wall mounted version. I’m looking ideally at a 49”-55” sized tv but have no idea what to buy. I was going to go for another toshiba but reading online, seems the quality has dropped significantly since mine was made as it’s the “dumb” tv generation, mines been going a good few years problem free. I’m not fussed on super high end oled or any fancy features. My budget is ideally £300-£500 but could go a little higher for a longer lasting unit if needed. Many thanks for any replies.


Do you game on the TV? If so I would definitely consider aiming for something like the Samsung 55NU8000 as if your AMD graphics card supports it, it will work with Freesync for adaptive frame rate.

Aside from that, within your budget the Hisense 55" U7A would be the TV to go for.

This assumes you don't need wide viewing angles from an LCD TV and prefer better picture quality head on.

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In the section of the best buy guide next to the U7A and NU8000 in the 55" post there is a link to an explanation of the differences so you can work out whether raising your budget is justified.

I would not consider the smaller version of each model as in the smaller sizes they do not come with a higher hz panel like they do 55"+ so they don't represent as good value.


Someone has just found the 55" NU8000 for £599 but I'm not sure where, if you can find this model for that or around this price go with it over the U7A, it's much better value for money.

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