What is the cheapest, most compatible wireless modem router for 360 and a DS?


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Having loads of problems with my Belkin wireless router. Firstly my DS won't connect to it has occasional problems with anything connecting to it, including my 360. God knows why, it's intermittent.

Can anybody recommend a wireless modem router they are currently using with their 360, PC and Nintendo DS that is reliable and a reasonable price? I couldn't care less about brand; I've got a B modem router i bought for £25 which is flippin' great!



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My Netgear DG834G has worked fine with everything so far. PSP/Wii/DS/Laptops. Dead easy to setup and can often be had for 30quid or less as lots of ISP give them with new contracts and ppl just sell them on. Get a higher version. 2 or 3 I think its up to now. I've put several in for friends too with no problems other than 1 where the distance is too far with too many walls/floors for a reliable connection.

Depending on what problems you are having swapping router may not solve them. If there's something interfering with the signal then ur stuffed. It can be something as simple as a central heating boiler switching on etc - Do some google searches.

You may also find that replacing the standard stubby aerial with a larger external one with a better gain solves the problem - as can switching the channel being used by the wireless (default is often Ch 11 - so a neighbour may also be using that channel for his kit).

Also consider homeplug network for more 'permanent' connections such as the 360.

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There is a problem in that "cheapest" and "most compatible" aren't necessarily the same thing. Pay a bit more and get a good router, skimp on price and you may end up with problems.

I've had both the Linksys WRT54G (which I sold when I left NTL) and Netgear DG834G (which I now use as I'm on Sky Broadband - they gave me it for free) and both will do you just fine for just about anything - I've got my Wii, DS, mobile phone, 360 and PC all working through them on a mix of WiFi and wired.


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Yes, I agree the "cheapest" and "best" don't necessarily go together and I don't mind paying more if it means reliability.

The Netgear is going for about £44 on Amazon at the moment so it looks like a possible option.

I'm running WEP (as the damn DS requires WEP). Could this be causing some drops in performance/reliability? Got no idea why it does it at the moment, and Belkin haven't ever released a firmware update for the damn thing so I'm stuck with the base bios.

Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated.


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