What is the best way to connect my DVD Recorder to Video



I have recently purchased the Panasonic DMR-E30S.

We have the DVD, Amplifier, Sky, Video and TV.

2 scarts of the TV
2 scarts on the DVD
2 scarts on Sky
2 scarts on Amp
(2 scarts on the video)

You know what I am going to say!

The DVD has taken place of the video connections wise and I therefore have no free scarts. The video does not have an S video connection (it is a 6 year old Sony) so how can I best connect it to play existing video and to enable recording between DVD and video?

The rear of the video only has the red and white audio sockets and if I connect these to "Input 4" on the DVD you can hear the sound, but no picture presumably because there is no yellow video connection. (All 3 connections are on the front, but if I am correct no good as treated as input source to video?)

How can I best connect the video and what quality can I expect?

Any help much appreciated.

I've got the DMR-20e which may be different but there are two scarts on the back and a set of phonos/svideo in.

If one of your TV scarts is RGB capable then configure the DVD and Sky for RGB output (you have to use AV1 on the DVD).

Connect the Sky box to the TV, Connect the DVD Recorder AV1 to to the Sky box (VCR Scart) and then connect the VCR to AV2 on the DVD Recorder. When you play tapes it should pass all the way through the chain to the TV! If not, you can connect the tv out scart to the DVD recorder and the other scart to the tv.

I'm not sure what amp youve got that has two scarts on it. If it has pass through you can put it between the sky box and the tele.

First it is a E20. Sorry about that mis-information :blush: :rolleyes:

I have sky connected the non RGB scart on my TV, so that we can still watch sky whilst recording a non-sky channel.

I may be wrong about the amp.

Is the only way going to be to use the 2nd connection I have for sky to TV and divert this to the video?

Many thanks

I'm a bit confused! Could you explain this please:
I have sky connected the non RGB scart on my TV, so that we can still watch sky whilst recording a non-sky channel.

I assume you mean that you are using the built-in tuner to record on the DVD recorder? As I suggested connecting the sky box to your av1 RGB input you could still watch the sky program whilst the recorder chugs away by itself, assuming you have looped the RF lead through each box.

Do you still want to record on the VCR? if so use that for the terrestrial channels and use the DVD recorder to record the sky channels. Select AV1 as the input to the DVD recorder. If you want to transfer tapes to DVD then you connwect as I said and choose AV2 as the input to the DVD Recorder.

I'm still not sure where the amp fits in! If you take the audio output from your tele to the amp you will always be able to hear through the amp whatever you are watching on the tv. Assuming it has two phonos (outputs) as well as the scarts!

To re-cap:

TV (av1) <--> Sky <-->(av1) DVD Recorder (av2) <--> VCR<--> TV(av2)

If the tape doesnt use scart control to pass the signal through you will be able to still watch tapes by switching to av2 on the tele'.

OMG, I am confused now!

I am writing this from work, so I am unable to pop and check my connections. At least I attempt to sort this out, my husband just scratches his head while I try and figure out all the connections (and that included front, rear and centre spearkers)!!!

Thanks for your patience.

Not bothered about recording on the VCR, just want to be able to play some existing videos. Would like to be able to tape from video to DVD or vice versa.

It might be easier if I ask what connections you would recommend for the equipment we have, or should I go away and check what scarts we have on the amp?


Many thanks

Sorry to confuse you more!

All the connections I mentioned were fully wired scart leads.

I don't remember seeing any amps with scart sockets. It's more likely to have s-video and composite links for the video switching and phonos for the left and right channels. If it's a dolby Digital/DTS amp it will also have RF and fibre optic inputs. you should feed the digital output from the DVD recorder into one of these latter inputs to get 5.1 sound from DVD films etc.

Print these off and take them home with you!

Good luck

I have printed it off!

I'm sure it has scart sockets, it was a surround sound system we bought with B&W speakers about 6 years ago. It is a Yamaha, but I can not remember the model. I believe you are right about it being dolby Digital/DTS amp.

I will get the make tonight and post a definite make/model and what we have.

Thanks again.
Hi Theresa. I don't know if this will help but I have the following set up. (No Amp in the equasion though).

1..Triple scart 32" TV but I only use two for the following set up..
2...Panasonic E20
3...Panasonic pensionable VHS recorder.:D
4...Sky digi box.
5...I also have a Pioneer DVD player which I connect to the third scart of the TV so you can ignore that as it does not affect the remainder of the set up.

I can record to and from the VHS and E20. I can record Sky on both my E20 and VHS recorder. This is the set up.

1...Top scart (AV1) of the E20 goes to the first scart of the TV.
2...Scart two of the E20 goes to scart two 0f the VHS recorder
3...Scart one of the VHS recorder goes to second TV scart.
4....Set any composite/SVH/RGB options according to what your equipment will support.

I don't understand your Amp situation so I suppose you can take the audio for that from your TV set!!!!
Thank's DaveP I'll try and get it right this time.

1...Top scart (AV1) of the E20 goes to the Digibox (top)Scart
2...Bottom scart of digibox goes to the first TV scart.
3...Top scart of VHS recorder goes to the TVs second scart
4...Bottom scart of the VHS recorder goes to the bottom scart of the E20. Looking at the set up I don't understand how it works it just does.Very sorry about the mistake!!! Must lay off the pop.:D Mixing old none SVH compatible equipment with modern compatible gear is a bit problematic but nothing a few bottles of whisky won't put right.:rolleyes:
Ok, I have connected everything as per your instructions.

I can record from the DVD to the Video, but I do not seem to be able to record from the Video to the DVD. I have selected AV2 on the DVD, play on the video and then record on the DVD. The strange thing is that when you play the DVD, it shows something has been recorded but there is no picture :(

I have tried changing things in setup for AV2 from Normal to Decorder, Link 1 and Link 2, but nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions?

Is it just me or does anyone else HATE :mad: the enter jog shuttle (is that correct?) on the E20 handset????

Hi Theresa.

Mmmm. Sounds like you are nearly there!!! As you say it should record when you set the AV2. Just a long shot but have you checked your E20 AV options in the set up menue. Swap settings around a bit to see if it makes a difference. I am wondering if it may be something to do with the composite versus RGB and SVHS settings for the scart connections.

These are my settings.....

AV1 output set on "video"
AV2 connection on "Normal"
AV2 input on "Video"

I have a mix of old and new technology and it was a bit of a nightmare finding the right combination of setting that didn't result in a black and white picture somewhere in the chain. Let me know how you get on......

I agree with your comments about the jog shuttle!!! It's the Panny's weakest link in my oppinion but as everything else is so good I can forgive them. :D
Hi Theresa again. I left my memory on the bus...

Another long shot....But when I was setting up my system I had problems with the sound only coming from one channel. It turned out to be a dodgy "Scart connector" in spite of the fact it worked on other equipment without problem. I changed the scart cable and everything is now fine..........
Thanks again Malcolm,

I'll check those setting tonight.

It is a brand new scart, but I will try that if the setting don't work.

Another long shot!! Could it be that on some VHS recorders the second scart is for "Input" only. Malcom.
Hi Malcolm,

Now there is an idea!

I have checked the setting you gave and they are the same as yours, so no joy there.

I will have a look at the video manual and see if it says anything. But, you could be on to a winner there, as the video in on Line 3 to tape from the DVD and that is an input.

When I taped a DVD to video, there picture was good but the pciture seemed to lighten and darken on playback. Any ideas why that would be?

Hi Theresa. Do you mean the picture fluctuates between light and dark on the same recording!!!. If so are you refering to the copying of a commercial "DVD" as the light dark fluctuation could I think be due to the copy protection on the DVD.

If i have missunderstood please let me know.

Have you tried connecting your scart to the VCR "AV1" and the other end to your "AV1" on the E20 just to confirm all is well at the E20 end. I think all "AV1" scart terminals are both IN/OUT

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