What is the best way of getting DSD over DLNA on Musiccast ?


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Hi all,

I am interested in a new Hifi system separate from my video sources, as my last Hifi system died a few years ago, a few days ago a friend was telling me how brilliant his Yamaha cd-nt670d with A670 amp is. Now as good as this system is for audio playback, it unfortunately doesn’t support DSD files without a adapter that is about £400 on top of the cost of the Player and Amp.

Now the cost of the NT670D and A670 is £530 but I was wondering if there was another solution for connecting a CD player & turntable with built in preamp, access to radio/ internet radio, Spotify connect / airplay and files including DSD, for around the same cost or slightly more, like for instance Yamaha R-N602 mixed with a standalone CD player ?.

I know there must be some possible solutions out there, but I was wondering what others opinions are ?

Many thanks

Many thanks

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