What is the best video for around £150


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I'm after a new video for around 150 quid, problem is that it MUST come from Comet :rolleyes:

I've got 120 quid from a duff video they couldn't sort out but i can't have cash :( so i need to buy from there.

I was pushed to buy something so I picked up a JVC HR-S5955EK that i thought looked ok. But after reading some comments i'm not quite sure what's best :(

The options:-



Sony SLV-SE820

what do u guys think is the best option?


We've got one of these. The picture quality is pretty good but compared to all other videos (Phillips) we have had it does seem to be pretty noisy when playing tapes.

I asked about this in the shop (having returned the first one for the same problem) and was told that many Sony and Panasonic videos these days suffer from this problem as they are all being built down to a price these days.

The autotracking is good but the fast worward/rewind is so fast it is difficult to stop the tape exactly where you wish.




Sorry....should have said that my previous post relates to the Sony model!!


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I've got an SLV-SE820 and I wouldn't recommend it.

Whilst it fits in with all my other (Sony) kit and has a neat programming knob on the front, it is loud (although mine is in a glass fronted cabinet so I don't tend to hear it too much, and the picture quality really is not up to much. I only ever tape off TV, but if you watch a lot of pre-recorded tapes I'd be wary.

Is the JVC model SVHS? Should be a better picture quality, but SVHS blanks are pricey.

I'm waiting for recordable DVD with built in digital tuner - that should be worth having!



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After some digging i went for the panny :) and it seams ok so far :) (but i've only watched pop rivals from saturday so far )

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