What is the best USB Hub for PS3?


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Hello all

I have a 40gb PS3 so only have 2 usb sockets, however I now have several usb devices!

usb camera
buzz usb stick
usb dual shock charging cable
Play Tv on the way

you get the idea! and I am getting fed up of having to unplug the camera so i can charger the controllers etc.. etc..

So my question is simple, I need a usb hub, but which one?

cheers in advance



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I had pretty much the same situation- 2 usb ports with a flash card memory stick usb adaptor, ps eye, ir dongle for mini keyboard, flash drive stick, and charging for my spare controller.

Bought a powered 4 port usb hub and it does an ace job!

Any one should work just make sure it's a powered one and is usb 2.0; needs to be powered to avoid overloading the port that it's connected to on the ps3.

Then it's just a question of how much you want to pay! They can be cheap or pricey... But mine's a Strand one from Amazon for about 6 quid and it works just fine. :smashin:
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