What is the best TV I can get?


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Jan 27, 2010
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Hi there,

I'm hoping you can help. This is the first time I'm buying a TV with a lot of money.

My budget is £900, but my issue is, I don't know where the best place to buy from is? Everywhere is still pretty expensive. Is there a good shop I don't know about or something?

I really want a 46" Sony, but not sure where the best place to get one is? People are on about trade in deals etc? Are they still running and with whom? I have a VERY old Sony CRT, which took 3 of us to move, would they take that for trade in?

What would you recommend I do?

Thanks for your help!
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think the sony trade in runs until 11th of july/end of the world cup, currys, comet, john lewis an sony centres are supposed to be doing the trade in scheme, although you may want to check as it might only be certain places

it also depends wha set you want as they might not all have them? although john lewis always seem to have a good selection of them, perhaps if you find what set you want you could find out for definate if your nearest store has them?
Hi, sorry to disapoint you but £900 isn't really alot of money for a TV these days.

My best advice would be to research what features you want one example would be to consider what you need and what you want, write a list of essential and non essential options such as built in freeview HD or freesat HD tuners or maybe your happy to have a seperate HD box which will mean you can get a better quality but probably slightly older set without a built in HD tuner.

Look at everything you need and use with your TV set and what components you need it to take how many HDMI's and what type etc etc etc.

Then you will have a better idea what you are looking for and can research reviews of whats available on sites such as this... what hifi also do a searchable review of sets and that was helpful in combination with this site to me.

Come up with a list of your top 3-5 sets then go and look at them.

But always make sure you look at the set working, that will give you a better idea.

I'm about to start the search for something under £1000 myself soon, anyway there are some bargains to be had out there so make sure to make use of google's shopping search engine and other such sites.

Use them to research the best prices you can get on your final choices and you can save many hundreds of pounds, also utilise price matching services to get the best deals on guarantee's and prices through the various dealers.
Thanks for the info guys.

I think £900 is a lot of money for a TV, but probably not when it comes to getting a 46" perhaps?

Anyway, I'm going to spend £900. No more, otherwise I may as well just get a top of the range TV, and there's no point in that as 3D at the moment is no good due to the glasses requirements.

I want the Sony 46EX503U. John Lewis do it for £1,049.00 with 5 year Guarantee, but not sure if this is the best price?

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