What is the best streamer for a large music collection


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I am looking for a Streamer / Network Media Player that would work well with a large music collection of about 15000 mp3s, and a similar number of photographs.

They are all correctly tagged and stored in a proper folder structure.

I have looked at Sumvision Cyclone [but cant quite work out what version is what], Wdtv live, AC Ryan etc but none of them really seem to be geared towards audio rather than video

Do any of the modded firmwares help in this respect, my budget is about £100, a Christmas present to myself !!

Any advice gratefully received



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The GUI on most of these players is a little poor for music playback.

Surprisingly the GUI on the PS3 (yes i know it's a games console) is actually very good for music and photo playback.

I have a couple of PS3's in the house that are used purely for music/photo/video playback that have broken bluray drives..I paid £50 each for them.

Plenty of these pop up on Ebay or in the forum classifieds here.


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>my budget is about £100<

TBH, the only music streamers that are under £100 would be Apple Airport Express and a Squeezebox Receiver.

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