What is the best/sensible speaker config/design for my new room?


Hi all,

Had my user here for a while but have mostly been reading topics, love the spirit and community here! :)

I am in the situation that we are moving from our rental house to a new house that we have purchased. In the current house I have turned an unused 4,5x4,5M basement room into a Home Theater room. Obviously since we don't own this house, I did a limited effort, yet still put some cash into it. With the new house, I will get a room which is about 9x4M +/-. Height about 2,3M. As far as I can read the new room should be better acoustically because it's not squared.

Right now I run a 7.1.4 system with 2 subs. A Denon X6500H drives it all on it's own.

In the new room I am looking to spend a bit more than I did on the first one, so I am also weighing my audio options. I wanna do room-in-a-room and potentially in-wall speakers. being happy with my current Dali Rubicon's, I am considering their Phantom S-series. I am also experimenting with the idea of getting 16 channel processing instead of 12 with 9.1.6 or 7.1.8 if possible.

I played a bit around with Visio and made some preliminary design drafts for the room (attached). Right now there is a wall where the Steel bar is, this will go. The "Blue Door" is where the entrance is now, but I am thinking of moving it back in the room to where the "White Door" is. I am planning the Theater to mostly be in the part of the room "above" the Steel bar, but probably also extend a little below it. In the far back I am planning a sort of lounge with a bar and chairs. Equpment will most likely be located in a separate room inside a 42U Rack.

To drive the new room I am thinking of the Emotiva RMC-1 paired with their XPA-amps. Open for suggestions here!

- What would be the most sensible in the room? I read that some people say front wides doesn't make sense, others say they do (hence my consideration for 8 atmos instead of front wides).
- Would it also make sense to build a drywall between the Theater and Lounge, acoustically? Only "problem" I would have without it, is the rear speaker placement.
- Room-in-a-room experts: Is the way I designed the drywall correct? There's about an inch of empty space between the concrete walls and the drywall as well as double layer drywall on the inside. What is the best way to attach these walls to the floor?

I hope I explained myself well, would love to hear your suggestions and feedback!



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